(Digital) Pregnancy Affirmation Cards: Journey to Motherhood – English


(Digital) Pregnancy Affirmation Cards: Journey to Motherhood

The Pregnancy Affirmation Cards from MP Mastermind feature a set of 45 exquisitely crafted and resilient cards, meticulously organized into nine life-affirming categories. These cards are designed to nurture and empower expectant mothers throughout the miraculous transformation that is pregnancy.

 Card Categories:

  1. Affirmations about your pregnant body
  2. Affirmations about your pregnancy
  3. Pregnancy affirmations for my future baby
  4. Affirmations for my future labor
  5. Affirmations about self-care and self-love
  6. Affirmations about embracing change
  7. Affirmations about strength and resilience
  8. Affirmations about preparing for motherhood
  9. Affirmations about the Timing of Pregnancy 


– They offer reinforcement and inspire confidence during the entire pregnancy.

– They support mental and emotional preparation for the transition to motherhood.

– They promote a sense of peace and connection between mother and unborn child.


Draw a card each day to set a tone of positivity and connection. Whether used as a meditation focus, a conversation starter with your partner, or as a guiding thought for the day, these cards are a source of support and inspiration.


Included are 45 vibrant cards, each featuring unique illustrations and heartfelt affirmations intended to brighten your pregnancy journey. Let these cards guide you through the days with strength, love, and anticipation as you move closer to the moment of meeting your child.



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