Which three months of the year can have a greater impact than the other nine?

What comes to mind when you think of summer? The sea, the beach, the sun, vacations, parties, relaxation, travel. Generally, summer is considered a period where we all slow down due to the heat, pacing ourselves.

I strongly believe that you should reward yourself for your achievements and hard work. Simultaneously, if you’re a new business owner, summer is the time to get ahead of your competition.

Most people bring their “A” game in September (due to the start of the school year) and in January (due to New Year’s resolutions), but they tend to relax during the summer.

What’s the difference between September and January compared to summer? In September and January, everyone, including your competitors, is focused and working hard to claim a share of the same market. Conversely, in summer, hardly anyone is working hard to acquire new clients or serve their current ones. For this reason, someone like you, who remains focused and continues serving their clients, can easily get ahead of the competition.

The easiest time for someone to switch their service provider is when they feel they aren’t being prioritized or taken care of.

If you truly want to succeed, you should take advantage of what others consider a “dead period” and make it your most fruitful period. Imagine starting to build your momentum in June, July, and August. What will happen in September? Your competitors will be trying to adjust their mindset after vacation, while you will already be at the top of your game. Good luck to them trying to catch up with you!